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Seniors Captain - Trek

Last month Saj Khan our Seniors Captain had the privilege of leading the IKCA team in the basecamp trek to K2 Concordia.

The purpose of this trek was to fund raise for cancer patients that are impacted in other parts of the world.
Saj has been actively involved in fundraising for many charities over the years such as whizzkids, Dyslexia Research Trust, Cancer Research UK as well running his own food bank.

A trek of this magnitude required proper planning both in terms of the physical and equipment.
Having done Everest Base Camp and Nanga Parbat Base Camp this was the third and, by most people's account, the most difficult one in the triology.
His team faced many hurdles including a bridge collapse that added 42km to the trek, a very tight itinerary that didn't include room for acclimatisation, harsh terrain, catching a virus that left him feverish, altitude sickness and few close calls.
One thing you learn with type of trek is how you deal with being way beyond your comfort zone.
Aside from the physical challenges, the very basic comforts, sleeping on a glacier for 5 days is the mental challenges.
It is one of the most unforgiving terrains in the world with boulders, loose, gravel, River edges and ice and mountain after mountain to contend with.
The team followed a rocky trail that winds up the mighty Baltoro Glacier, passing through a colossal amphitheater of sky-scraping summits – including seven of the 19 highest mountains on the planet –
At 4600m you will see 4 of the highest mountains in the world
K2, Broad Peak, Gasherbrum I and Gasherbrum II.
One thing that undeniable is the impact of climate change in this region.
This came to spotlight last year as well the dramatic size reduction of one of the biggest glaciers in the world...the Baltero glacier.
With the developing world trying to catch up their energy requirements,especially fossils fuel energy, are increasing as they head out on the path to prosperity and Economic growth.
This therefore is a problem that will impact us all in years to come.
As such the only effective way to counter this global catastrophe is collective research to identify new energy sources that will help create clean energy at an affordable price.